Hello. My name is Justin Barron. I'm an awesome graphic designer. Hire me!

I am a graduate from the University of Montevallo, where I received my BFA in Graphic Design. I left Montevallo with an "I can do anything" attitude. And I can. If I have a goal and a project to complete, I can use my skills to problem solve my way to the finish line. I am always interested in doing things the right way, even if it's an up-hill climb.
My heart is in multi-page design. InDesign is my home. I love working with images, illustrations and typography to create a truly beautiful and informative piece. My designs are clean and organized, but I enjoy a little quirky flare. I’m loving branding more and more — it’s all encompassing. I’m interested in all types of design and arts. I am always looking for new ways to design and push into other medias to be a well-rounded designer in both the print and digital world.
I am always looking for inspiration and geeking out with other creatives. Designing is what makes me really feel like I'm good at something!

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